BLOG: Sports Sci Guy – Who, What, and Why?

With the launch of the website, I wanted to provide a quick insight into who, what, and why I have decided to create this!


You can call me Sports Sci Guy! This is an alias, obviously. My name is Liam Oliver – a Sport and Exercise Science student at Sheffield Hallam University with a desire to improve the performance and health of as many people as I can.


I will be blogging about all things sport and exercise science! My interests lie in performance nutrition and exercise physiology. If you are unsure of what exactly these terms mean – I hope to clear this up for you and improve your knowledge by sharing my proactive nature. If you already have a good idea of what these entail – I hope you find my site useful. Other aspects, such as psychology, strength and conditioning, and biomechanics shall not be forgotten! I provide body composition assessments, a useful tool for performance and health. If you would like to discover more – get in touch!


As a current volunteer in many sporting organisations, and working with the general population also, I want to sift through all the science and bridge the gap between scientific research and its application. Effective communication is key and – as a student and practitioner – I do my best to transfer the theory in a manner that everyone can apply. From high-performance athletes, right down to competitive amateurs, or simply those with an interest in the area – everybody can benefit and I want to be a platform for that!


I hope that this gives you an idea of what you can expect from me. I encourage discussion, comments, feedback, and requests for topics, so please do get involved as much as possible – the benefits will be even greater! Thanks for visiting my website and happy reading!

Limits only exist if you let them – Sports Sci Guy